Scoresheet Baseball-Fantasy WEB site

Scoresheet Baseball-Fantasy WEB site

Post by ScosheO » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Scoresheet Sports is set to begin our 10th season of running fantasy
baseball leagues nationwide.  We both form leagues and run drafts for
individuals, and also service complete leagues.  

Our new WEB SITE is now up and running - check us out at  Inclded in the web site is all of our introductory
materials, sample reports, and our 1996 PLAYER lists (including positions,
ages, team and fielding ranges.)  Give us a look!

Rather than just totaling 'points', Scoresheet teams play real simulated
games (all done on our computer), with your players performing based on
how they did during THAT current week in the majors.  Like other fantasy
games it is that week's actual major league statistics that are used, but
because your team plays complete simulated games virtually everything that
happens on a baseball field also gets included in a Scoresheet game.  We
have designed Scoresheet Baseball to be the most realistic fantasy game
available (which we feel makes it the most fun to play!)  

For the 1995 season we had over 2700 Scoresheet Baseball teams (in about
270 leagues, mostly of 10 teams each), so I feel quite confident in saying
that many folks find playing Scoresheet Baseball extremely enjoyable.  We
send out *complete* reports every week of the season (reports are
available by E-MAIL, postal mail and/or fax), and team fees are very

In addition to the web site, you can get on our mailing list and receive a
FREE brochure describing our games if you e-mail me your postal address,
or call our office at 510-526-3954.  Baseball information for 1996 is
ready now.  We also run football, basketball and hockey leagues - please
let us know which sport(s) you are interested in.  

Best of luck to all your fantasy teams, and have a great off-season!  -
Jeff Barton