Leyritz, Jefferson

Leyritz, Jefferson

Post by David Marc Niepore » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

>A bit late, but don't you think the Sox could have used Reggie Jefferson
>as a pinch-hitter in Game 2?  I think it's fair to say Reggie would have
>provided a lot more value to them than one of Merloni/Sadler.  I know
>defense is vital and you might need to pull both Nomar and Val, but Butch
>Huskey has "played" third before, and I'd much rather have the extra bat
>on the bench.

If Butch Huskey's a third baseman, than Bobby Valentine's a people person.

Remember why they carried Merloni and Sadler -- not because they figured
"defense is vital" per se, but because they weren't 100% sure about
Garciaparra's availability.

>On the other side of the field, does anyone really think Clay Bellinger is
>more likely to make a positive contribution to the Yankees than Jim

Well, who are the Yankees likely to be pinch hitting for?  Some players,
like Brosius, don't have very good bats, but not so bad you need to pinch
hit.  The Yankees, unlike the Red Sox, Mets, or Braves, are more likely to
need a pinch runner rather than a pinch hitter.

>How many games are won because of that clutch job of pinch-running?  How
>many are lost because you end up asking Butch Huskey to face Ramiro

That was simply Williams' mistake, getting caught up in the thought of a
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