Worm Watch: Money Talks, Law Suits Walk

Worm Watch: Money Talks, Law Suits Walk

Post by S. Smit » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Two women who claimed Dennis Rodman
***ed them reached out-of-court settlements, and a man who
filed an *** action also agreed to a deal.

A hearing in***tail waitress Susan Patterson's suit against  
the former NBA star had been scheduled in Superior Court on
Tuesday. But her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said the suit had been
resolved, along with those of two other people Allred represented.

Allred declined to give any details of how the cases were  
resolved, and would not say if any of the plaintiffs received
monetary settlements. Attempts to reach Rodman's lawyer in the
cases, Michael Harrison, for comment on the cases were

Patterson claimed that late on the night of Oct. 2, 1998, Rodman  
pushed a $100 bill down her blouse and grabbed one of her ***s.

Bridgette Chaker's suit claimed that a short time later, early  
on Oct. 3, she was invited to a party at a room in the Argyle Hotel
on Sunset Boulevard. But when she arrived only Rodman was there,
she claimed, and he ***ly ***ed her.

The third suit was brought by Jason Sandeman of Santa Monica,  
who claimed he was ***ed by Rodman at a Fatburger restaurant in
Los Angeles on Jan. 21, 1999.

Another case of alleged *** by Rodman was dropped in  
November in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas woman, Dixie Johnson, 48,
claimed Rodman grabbed one of her ***s at the Las Vegas Hilton
in April 1999. A notice of dismissal was filed in U.S. District
Court, but Rodman's lawyer in that case, Gregory Hafen, would not
say if a settlement had been reached.

Two months ago, Rodman and actress Carmen Electra, who were  
married Nov. 14, 1998, were ordered by a Miami Beach, Fla., judge
to stay away from each other following their arrest at a hotel on
battery charges, which were later dropped.

Rodman's most recent arrest was for investigation of drunken  
driving Dec. 22 in Costa Mesa. The 38-year-old former NBA
rebounding champion posted $2,500 bond and was released.