Revised Site: - additional stats

Revised Site: - additional stats

Post by Sean Forma » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00

I'm continuing to retool my stats site, and even went so far as to get a
domain name.  What was formerly Big Bad Baseball Stats is now  Things were getting a bit crowded at Big Bad
Baseball and this gives us a bit more room and simplifies navigation a
great deal.

The other big changes are the inclusion of other leagues into the
database.  The old Federal and Players leagues along with the
National, American, and Union Associations have been added.  We have
created all of their leaderboards and team and league pages as well.

For the team pages, I've listed where that team ranked in the league
in each statistical category.  This appears right below the team
totals.  Also, the rosters are now sorted by position and role
on the pitching staff.  This isn't yet perfect, but it is closer
than before.

For each franchise I have created a massive position chart showing the
most common players (according to fielding data available) each year
at each position.  It is interesting to see the progression of Cubs'
3Bmen after Ron Santo.

Each team now also has a batting register and pitching register.
These registers include the team stats for each year, and the career
stats of each player with the team, in case you didn't want to count
by hand how many home runs Babe Ruth hit while with the Yankees.

The team area now has batting and pitching leaderboards for each
franchise as well.  See how Brian Downing dominates the Angels list.

For players, I've added a career path similarity feature, so you can
now see what players were most similar to player A at the end of each
of player A's seasons.

I've continued to tweak the batting  lines and added a
career best line.  I added TB, IBB, HBP, SF, and SH data back to
batting lines and I also cleaned up the presentation when no stat
is available as with SF and pre-1954 data.

There is a little hit counter at the bottom of each page, and also a
list of common misspellings for the player or at least what folks have
stuffed into the player search box.

I added the league averages for the range factors to the player
fielding stat lines, so they are easily compared to the rest of the

For each major league, I have created a season to season total page.
That way you can quickly determine how on-base percentages have
changed in the American League.

From the player index pages, you are now able to access a separate
career pitching and a career batting register for each letter of
the alphabet.  I'm not sure exactly how this will be used by most
people, but I've had some requests for it and you may find it helpful
for various things.

Please feel free to forward this message along to anyone else,
and please if you like the site, let other people know about it.  
I have zero problem with people linking to any part of the site.  
Any feedback is appreciated, and I hope to make this site the best
stats site on the internet.


Sean Forman,