FAQ Part 0: Index FAQ Part 0: Index

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Welcome to the FAQ!
This is section 0, the index, version 1.5.
This version was posted on 9/22/95; it is posted approximately
Send any comments, suggestions, or corrections to Mike Jones

The FAQ has 5 sections:
  0: index - This introduction and guide.
  1: general info - general questions about the game and the newsgroup
  2: rules - questions about the rules of the game.
  3: scoring and awards - questions about (official) scoring and awards
     associated with the game (like the Cy Young Award).
  4: books and movies - a guide to books and movies related to baseball
  5: glossary - a guide to commonly-used terms and abbreviations used in
         this newsgroup.

Sections on statistical methods and the business side of the game
(including player movement) are in the works.