Here come the Dukes! (The REAL Opening Day.)

Here come the Dukes! (The REAL Opening Day.)

Post by Kurt M. Bo » Sun, 12 Apr 1992 05:55:34

Here in New Mexico, we don't have MLB.  Here at UNM, we don't even have ESPN.
But we do have the PCL, and we got to see a gem of a game all around on opening

It was the PCL opener, Las Vegas at Albuquerque, with former Met-killer Mike
York (obviously on hiatus from "Logan's Run") vs. the Dukes' own Pedro.  As in
Martinez.  As in '92 NL ROY.  (Maybe...)  Anyway, it was a great game all around
for both teams, but the night belonged to Martinez.  He went eight innings,
giving up one hit, no runs, walking one, hitting two (though the first one
sounded like it hit the bat) and striking out eleven, including the side in the
second and eighth.  Also a great game for Stars 3b Scott Coolbaugh, who had a
GG defensive play at third against Jeff Hamilton in the fourth and ripped a two
run homerun in the ninth off of Pedro (Pistachio) Astacio. (Having suffered thru
1991 with Coolbaugh as my third baseman in Robot BB, it pains me to say that.)
Did I mention a game score of 90 for Martinez? At any rate, the play of the game
and maybe of the year so far came in the seventh inning.

Tom Goodwin at the plate.  I look at my stats from last year and see...1 homer.
I turn to Nate and say, "How about a home run right here???" He just mutters
something about a "Cub fan mentality."  The pitch comes, and THWACK! Goodwin
hits a ball to the wall in deep center (410 feet.) It's a sure double for anyone
before the ball LANDS!!!.  An easy inside-the-park home run.  I'll say this:
Raul Mondesi is counted the best Dodger prospect in the outfield, but Tom
Goodwin is the MOST exciting player I have seen in a LONG time.  Even more
exciting when I drove home and realized that I saw his only dinger last year,

That's right. Inside the park.

Just goes to show you that life goes on south of the waiver wire.  Play ball.

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