SEC fan needs Jefferson-Pilot Basketball Information

SEC fan needs Jefferson-Pilot Basketball Information

Post by aufa » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for an address/phone number to the Jefferson-Pilot Corporation. I found
their Home page but found no email links or addresses or phone numbers.  JP, a
provider of regional SEC basketball to the Southeast US, has an affiliate in
Huntsville Alabama (WAFF Channel 48) that doesn't broadcast the Wednesday Night
games unless they involve Auburn or Alabama.

I know this happens in some cities (the affiliate chooses to air their network
programming instead of the game) and in some cases, an independent station
broadcasts the game.  This isn't happening in North Alabama.  The nearest stations
broadcasting the games are in Nashville and Birmingham, both of which are too far
away to be received for most of us in North Al. An independent station in this area
(WTZT Channel 28 in Athens) is willing to carry the broadcasts.  I spoke with WTZT's
manager and he said he had been trying to get the games, but can't get any response
from JP.

I'd like to see ALL the JP games and thought it might be a good idea to get some
fans to contact JP concerning this in the hope they'll pay some attention to this
independent station. I'm an Auburn fan, but I'd still like to see the other teams on
Wednesday Night.  There are a lot of KY, Tenn, MSU, UF, Vandy, etc. fans around
these parts and I know they would like to see the games too.