Sportscard Mailing List

Sportscard Mailing List

Post by Keane Ara » Sat, 12 Jan 1991 23:58:06

This is a second announcement of the Sportscard Mailing list.

This list was started with the idea of discussing and trading
sportscards and sports memorabilia, with the occasional oddball
item being thrown in now and then.

It covers all types of sports memorabilia, be it baseball, football,
basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, fishing and/or bowling.  Discussion
of sports in general is best left to the news, unless it pertains to
memorabilia in some way.

Postings will include, but are not limited to:

1) Discussion of the hobby, and the industry.
2) Current events in the card world.
3) A convenient way of posting what you what to buy/sell/trade/barter,
   bypassing the need to informing all of* that you want to
   buy/sell/trade/barter cards, memorabilia, whatever.
4) Speculation, investing, storing, organizing and care of cards and

Subscription requests should be sent to

Keane Arase


Sportscard Mailing List

Post by Brett Allen Mow » Wed, 16 Jan 1991 08:53:31

I know this might be a pain, but if anyone out there knows the Penn
State men's volleyball schedule and could get it to me, I would
appreciate it.  I'm a BIG v-ball fan, and I would like to catch some
games if I could.