lineup - blue jays

lineup - blue jays

Post by mike walk » Tue, 28 May 1991 13:26:47


offered his evaluation of the Boston Red Sox portion of Nelson Lu's
lineup. This struck me as a good idea, so I am offering my evaluation
of the Toronto Blue Jays at the 1/4  point in  the season. I hope
others  will post similar analyses of the remaining American
League teams.


1B   John Olerud/Pat Tabler
        Olerud starts about 2/3 of the time, but continues to
        struggle at the plate while looking good in the field. Tabler
        has struggled defensively at first and been mediocre at the

2B   Roberto Alomar
        Strong, both defensively and offensively. Surprising power, he
        is 2nd on the team to Carter in RBI's. Wonderful!

SS   Manuel Lee
        Adequate. Hitting .250, makes the routine plays routinely. Not
        yet comfortable with Robbie on DP, I suspect. Has played hurt
        recently, was sorely missed when replaced with Rene Gonzales
        for a few days. Tony Fernandez is a hard act to follow.

3B   Ray Giannelli*/Ed Sprague*
        Sprague playing full-time last few days. Hitting impressively,
        still re-learning 3rd (he was moved from 3rd to catcher several
        years ago in  the minors). Watch for him to stay up and
        compete with Tabler and Hill for right-handed DH when Kelly
        returns (see DL below). I wonder if Sprague could play

LF   Joe Carter
        Class act. Offensively among league leaders in several
        categories, having a  career season. Defensively he is strong,
        makes us wonder how we got by with George Bell in left field
        all those years. Looks comfortable, confident, and happy.

CF Devon White
        Supposed to be all glove, no bat when he arrived from the
        Angels. Exceptionally strong both defensively and offensively
        (.283, third on the team in RBI's), playing great ball. Many
        said he'd never be a decent lead-off hitter, but his OBA is
        .361. with  12 walks/25 strike outs.

RF Mark Whiten/Ken Williams
        Whitten continues to be erratic both offensively and
        defensively. Williams would look great in AAA Syracuse, IMO.
        Too many bonehead plays and he's hitting .211, about his
        lifetime average. I don't know what Cito sees in him.

C  Greg Myers/Pat Borders
        Great platoon. Myers is hitting consistently for the first
        time, while Borders who had a very slow start (0 for first 20+
        at bats) is now on a tear. Collectively they are averaging
        .270, have 2 HRs, 14 RBIs. Defensively adequate, though
        neither  has gunned down too many baserunners recently.

DH Mookie Wilson*/Glenallen Hill*
        Mookie seems ready to contribute as a role player, although he
        has never been an offensive power. Hill is struggling (.217, 2
        HRs, 8 RBI's in 60 ABs), and seems to lack confidence. He
        osccasionally plays RF, and Tabler also DH's occasionally.

SP Dave Stieb, David Wells, Jimmy Key, Todd Stottlemyre, Denis Boucher
        The first four started strong, have all struggled in  the last
        two weeks. Still, collectively they are 20-9 up to today (5-26
        Sun) with 3 ERA's under 3 (Steib is 3.17). Boucher is gone to
        AAA, Acker out of the bullpen becomes the (occasional) fifth
        starter. (Yes, THAT Jim Acker! See recent discussion here.)

RP Duane Ward*
        Henke is off DL, back as stopper. Ward is now the set-up man.
        He says this is fine with him, but you have to wonder how easy
        it can be to leave the glory role after being a great fireman
        and collecting 12 saves in just over 2 weeks? Also back from
        the DL is Ken Dayley (dizzy spells) who will be the only
        left-hander in the pen (MacDonald sent down). Mike Timlin is
        doing great middle relief, while Willie Fraser has been very
        erratic; he is the only current Jay pitcher with an ERA over
        4. Al Leiter is gone, hopefully permanently IMO.

* Tom Henke, rp
        He's back, and he has to be looking over his shoulder at Ward.

* Rance Mulliniks, dh
        Ready to return from heel injury, expect Giannelli to go down
        soon. Had a very poor start before the injury, could be
        dispensible if a strong left-handed DH was around.

* Kelly Gruber, 3b
        Expected to be out another week to 10 days, but these

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