A New Mailing List: Minor League Baseball

A New Mailing List: Minor League Baseball

Post by Chuq Von Rospa » Sat, 10 Oct 1992 02:07:34

Subject: A New Mailing List: Minor League Baseball

A new mailing list has been formed for the fans of minor league baseball.

Administrative note: administrative requests sent to the full list will be
cheerfully refused, so if you want on or off the list, learn to follow


1) Issues affecting the minor league, an example being the
agreement with the majors that includes new (and to my eyes, really
stupid) stadium standards. That standard has caused Hagerstown to lose it's
AA team, to name just one side effect.

2) Minor league franchise status and changes.

3) Road trips and groups. A way for people travelling out of town to find
   out who's playing where they'll be and how to get there. Also a way for
   like minded people to set up groups to enjoy their sport together.

4) Schedules, team and league status.

5) Players and teams to watch.

6) Something I hope to be a minor issue, but worth keeping in mind:
collectibles, which are a hot, profitable item for the minors right now.

7) One thing I do NOT want to see on this list: fantasy baseballers
wandering around asking weird questions about who they should be drafting or
how minor league players are doing. This is a league about the minor leagues
as a place to enjoy, not as a farm system for the majors or a scouting world
for the roto folks. Leave those aspects to their appropriate newsgroups.

8) Anything else of importance about minor league baseball.

If you're interested in joining the discussion, send mail to

two rows up from the visitor's dugout, and there's a barbeque off the left
field line with pretty good ribs. All we need now is you.

Chuq "IMHO" Von Rospach, ESD Support & Training (DAL/AUX) =+= Member, SFWA