42-team Free Simulation League Looking for Owners!

42-team Free Simulation League Looking for Owners!

Post by Granicu » Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:53:36


The Granicus Fantasy Baseball League, a year-round simulation league,
is looking for a few new owners to end out its 2010 season and begin
upcoming 2011 season.

We are a 42-team league that has been around for over 10 years and 23
seasons. Due to a program glitch, we had to restart the league in late
2002.  The upcoming season will be the 10th since the restart.

We run two games per night and use a salary cap system.  During every
offseason free agents are bid on eBay-style, and a supplemental

Draft is held in mid-June of every season.

We use Sierra Sports Baseball Pro '98 to sim games, with a few
tweaks.  We offer a set of customized webpages different from the
normal BBPro set including pages for:

* Complete player histories, including stats broken down by month or
team played for, a complete list of teams played for by date, and a
complete list of pre- and post-Spring Training ratings for each

* Enhanced team pages that show all of your team's essential info on
one sortable page, including team records and the all-time roster of
players for that team and dates played for.

* Free Agent Auction

* Creation of Amateur Draft List

* Spring Training Allocations

* Trading

* Much more and more on the way!

Come check us out and e-mail me if interested.  We have a great bunch
of guys (and a few gals) in the league and never fail to have fun.

Adam Taylor
GFBL Commissioner