OT: Great Book of Baseball Cards - eBay auction

OT: Great Book of Baseball Cards - eBay auction

Post by Vitriolic Ton » Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:05:45


This auction may be of some interest to collectors out there. It can be found

Here is a decription of the book from the auction site:

You are bidding on the "Great Book of Baseball Cards". The book was published
by Publications International of Lincolnwood, Illinois in 1989. It is an
oversized hardback (10"x13") and is 452 pages in length.

Baseball card sets from the 19th century all the way up to 1989 are described.
In these descriptions are specifications (size, graphics, and distribution),
history of the set, pros & cons, noteworthy cards, and value. Here is a
description of just some of the myriad of sets found in the book:

1986 Topps, Topps Traded, Topps Mail-In Glossies, Topps All-Star Glossies,
Topps Minis, and Topps Superstar (Woolworth), 1982 Coke-Brigham's Red Sox,
Coca-Cola Reds, 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites, 1954 Johnston Cookie Braves,
1933 Tattoo Orbit, 1910 Old Mill, and 1888 Yum Yum!

The book is in very good condition, the only defect being some minor damage to
the dust jacket (wear, small stains, etc.)