Scores/Writeups Mailing List (Women's)

Scores/Writeups Mailing List (Women's)

Post by Rob Polinsk » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 00:15:22

Anyone interested in this year's mailing list, please e-mail me at

This list is currently 90 members.  Here's a sample of who's writing for
what team this year.  If you can help out with being a writer for your
school or you're interested in the list, please sign up!

      * Women's Basketball         --- NCAA CHAMPIONS ---  *
      * Mailing List           '93 Texas Tech Lady Raiders *
      * '93-'94 Season         '92 Stanford Cardinal       *
      *                        '91 Tennessee Lady Vols     *
      * Wednesday, October 6   '90 Stanford Cardinal       *

      The following people have been declared represetatives/writers
      for the following teams for the '93-'94 women's college basketball
      season.  If your name is not on the list and you would like to be
      a representative, please e-mail me.  I think I may be missing
      some names, too.  Please e-mail me if I forgot to include your
      name for representative.

      SCHOOL                                  CONTACT
      ----------                              ------------
      Auburn Lady Tigers                      Rich Hammett
      Clemson Lady Tigers                     Jim Carson
      Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters           Danny Schales
      Minnesota Gophers                       Kevin Hansen
      Missouri Lady Tigers                    John Triana
      North Carolina Lady Tar Heels           Kathy Wall
      Penn State Lady Lions                   Rob Polinsky
      Stanford Cardinal                       Scott Renshaw
      Southwest Missouri State Lady Bears     Darin J. Keener
      Tennessee Lady Volunteers               Rhett Voldevil
      Texas Tech Lady Raiders                 Jeff Seale

Pens: '91, '92 Champions    + '93 - '94   -  1. I'd Do Anything-Meat Loaf
Penguins 5, Mighty Ducks 4  - Lady Lions  +  2. Better Than You-Lisa Kei.
1st place : Northeast Div.  + basketball  -  3. What Is Love-Haddaway