unique new baseball software (free)

unique new baseball software (free)

Post by AskRau » Tue, 19 Sep 2000 04:00:00

AskRaul Yankees is unique software that composes interesting facts
about baseball players in natural, human-like English sentences.  A
user of the software selects a player and season, and the software
explains what made that player unique among all other players.

The software is based on new artificial intelligence research done at
Carnegie Mellon's computer science department under a National Science
Foundation grant.  The baseball Yankees version is the first public
application of the patent-pending methods.

The software has been transferred to Vivisimo, Inc. in Pittsburgh
which has prepared a completely free download for all Yankee fans to
enjoy.  At http://SportToday.org/, search for "AskRaul" and
then download it onto your PC.

Below are some verbatim examples for the 1999 Yankee starting lineup.
Every selected player is compared against all Yankee batters dating
from 1903.

  Scott Brosius in 1999 had the second-most sacrifice
  flies (9) of the 214 Yankee third ba***. (Graig
  Nettles in 1975 was first with 11)

  Chili Davis in 1999 was the oldest (39) of the
  45 Yankees that fanned 100 times.

  Derek Jeter in 1999 had the most season hits (219)
  of all 291 Yankees since Don Mattingly in 1986.

  Chuck Knoblauch in 1999 had the most hit by pitch
  (21) of all 316 Yankees since Don Baylor in 1985.

  None of the other 2,023 Yankees had both as high
  a batting average (0.276) and as high a strikeout
  rate (0.29) as Ricky Ledee in 1999.

  None of the other 2,023 Yankees had both as many
  strikeouts (86) and as many putouts (1296) as
  Tino Martinez in 1999.

  None of the other 2,023 Yankees had both as few
  runs scored (70) and as many doubles (39) as Paul
  O'Neill in 1999.