talking trash

talking trash

Post by Sulliv » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 18:19:47

In Monday morning SF Chron was an article about 'trash talking' in
the NBA.  Twas a generally harmless piece of fluff about how good
Hardaway is at it, giving Person and Jordan credit, and explaining
the phenom.  What was interesting to me is that the article claimed
that trash talking in the NBA originated with Bird.


I learned to talk trash in HS when I played at Burgess Gym in the
'60s.   I gave it up when I found out as a general rule, I couldn't
back it up.

In my bball career, I saw lots of trash talk, long before Bird left

This claim can't be true.  It implies that trash talk was
non-existant in the highest level of bball for a LONG time.   Can
anybody recall a pre-Bird trash talker??