Canadian brothers, help on border crossing!

Canadian brothers, help on border crossing!

Post by chas » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

This has nothing to do with boxing (sorry, please don't flame, i need help
.. and those of you who know me know I don't do this often)

But I know there are a lot of our Canadian brothers out there. I need
advice. Will be crossing into Canada later this month as part of an epic
drive to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.  

I'll be in a rental car, crossing out of Montana. Questions: will I have
trouble crossing in a US rental? What kind of insurance proof will I have
to show? Is it an easy crossing or do I have to allot a lot of time?

Thanks in advance. Please email me so's not to clog up the board with my
non boxing post.

errr.... and what ever happened to Razor Ruddock?