R.I.P. Riddick - You're done; Golota - Why?

R.I.P. Riddick - You're done; Golota - Why?

Post by Paul Villarre » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Bowe's career is over.  I have to admit I've never liked Riddick Bowe,
and I have enjoyed seeing him dominated in the past two fights with
Golota - especially because Golota did it in such a way as Bully Bowe
has done to so many others, with dirty tactics and superior physical
attributes.  This being said, I can't help but feel bad for Bowe because
he really sounded bad when he was talking to interviewers after the
fight.  The slurred, slow speech was disturbing.  That's probably the
most difficult aspect of watching fighters over their careers for me,
watching certain fighters start slowly and almost imperceptably start to
show signs of post-concussive syndrome, then some more, some more, etc.
Whenever I see a fighter progressing down this road, I just want to go
up and shake them and say - "Wait, bro, sna; out of it, I saw you a year
ago on TV and you were sharp - minded and without slur in your speech.  
It's so . . .odd to see a person change in a permanent way right in
front of your eyes.  I just can't bring myself to revel in hatred of
Bowe and Newman (well, maybe Newman) right now.  I wanted so badly for
Golota to manhandle him just as he did, and now it's like I just feel
bad for "Daddy" and I hope that he's alright for the long haul.  He's
done in boxing; if he fights again, anybody with a smidge of power, he's
going to be seriously hurt.  Jeez, I just wanted to see his fat ass
humbled, but not with the possibility of permanent damage.  I guess
that's just the nature of boxing; I don't know.

        The fight itself - Golota utterly dominated Bowe, more so this
fight than the last one, which is saying a lot.

Gotta run

                                        - Paul Villarreal