Fil-osophy 101: Selling Fights... Hype, Hype, Hype!

Fil-osophy 101: Selling Fights... Hype, Hype, Hype!

Post by an.. » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:07:09 -0600, Christopher Lane Filbey


>I have to wonder if any other fight fans out there are as tired as I of
>how some Pay-Per-View fights are overhyped to the point that they look
>like some bad B-movie or a special for the World Wrestling Federation.


>Now, they seem to be using Michael Moorer's past defeat of Evander
>Holyfield as bait to lure people into buying their rematch. I thought
>that, despite all of Evander's physical problems at the time, he still
>won the fight. I have no reason to think otherwise the second time
>around. But the promos for the original were also intriguing: Moorer was
>portrayed as the Detroit bad boy who ***ed police officers, had a
>general arrogance to him, and warned everyone that he'd "smash (Evander)
>on April 22", but he seemed timid as he danced away from Holyfield,
>scoring just often enough to make an impression with the judges, while
>the only impression I saw from Moorer was the one his rear end left in
>the canvas in the second round (the round which I thought would give
>Evander the decision).

>There is, of course, the off chance that someone will be taken in.


I agree in the main with your points about mismatches hyped as being
great events, but to my mind Holyfield/Moorer *is* a much anticipated
and very competitive rematch. Holyfield beating Tyson twice isn't an
automatic guarantee of victory over Moorer. Whatever the supposed
excuses last time, southpaw Moorer gave Holyfield alot of trouble, and
I expect the same this time.

Holyfield UD12

>But what is it that makes us care? Do we care that Camacho wears more
>gold around his neck than there is in Fort Knox, or that Gonzalez
>dresses like a pimp? Possibly. Do we care that we have the opportunity
>to watch one of our favourite fighters, regardless of whom he's facing?
>Most definitely. Do we tune in to watch Butterbean get his Butter***
>whipped? You bet! Maybe we as fight fans just get pumped about a major
>PPV event. That's a possibility; I'm no fan of either Oscar or Hector,
>but, sure as the sun rises, I tuned in anyway. No matter what the
>reason, hype sells, and, like it or not, we're buying.

>Agree? Disagree? Lay it on me.

Luckily enough big matches are still free here. But for those who pay,
it's a choice. Sociologists and the like spend their time whining
about how advertising takes us all in and no-one (except them..) has a
mind of their own and consequently someone (them..) has to tell all us
mugs what to do for our own good. If you don't like the card, don't
buy it. If you *know* it's ***but still want to see it just for the
hell of it, well buy it anyway. I don't see any guilt being involved.

Tyson was always going to clobber McNeeley in one round, but wanting
to see how Tyson shaped up in his first match is enough reason to buy
it if that floats your boat. Likewise if you wanted to see a great
fighter like DLH regardless of opposition, or see Camacho get

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Fil-osophy 101: Selling Fights... Hype, Hype, Hype!

Post by Ignacio Mungu » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

  You guys make me sick, all you do is cry and complain about P-P-V and
the bad fights they hype up but I bet your ready to order your next
Tyson - Butter Bean. So stop crying and get your order in fast so that
you can save $5 bucks.