Naz v Alicea,then Johnson,then Nelson (thoughts)

Naz v Alicea,then Johnson,then Nelson (thoughts)

Post by Peter Moor » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hamed is to defend his title against Daniel Alicea in late May or early
June, I have seen Alicea on a Robinson u/card, he looked pretty good
but seemed to lack a little power, can't see him giving Naz any problem.

Then hopefully, it will be Johnson in the autumn (fall) if he can
survive Hameds early powerful punches it might be interesting, this
could be one of Naz's longest contests, but I doubt it.

Finally on to Az. Nelson, he really has been a legend, it's a pity these
two boxers were'nt in the same decade as this would have been an epic
for Nelson but alas time and his boxing is finally catching him up, but
maybe he will give Naz a run for his money!

After that lot lets hope it comes off with HAMED v BARRERRA, that would
really be a PPV blockbuster and I still would'nt pay !!!!!!!!

Peter principle.  
Peter Moore