WEIGH-INS are to be moved Forward

WEIGH-INS are to be moved Forward

Post by Gary Biel » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

WEIGH-INS are to be moved Forward

Weigh-ins for major fights in Britain are to be switched to 24 hours before
the event in a new safety move.

The British Boxing Board of Control's regulation, which takes effect from
June 1, falls into line with the European Boxing Union's recent order of
weigh-in times to be moved to the evening before title fights.

Board secretary John Morris said: "The Board feels the time is right for this

"Switching weigh-in times to a longer period before a contest will be a major
recommendation of the independent neurological working party that will shortly
hand the Board its final report, and the Board felt there was no point in
delaying the change."


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