Organizing Web contacts and links

Organizing Web contacts and links

Post by bu » Mon, 01 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
I have just released a new version of ***Contact, a free Information
Manager designed specifically for the needs of Internet users.

***Contact will help you organize all your Web related information,
including:  e-mail messages, URL links, documents, files, notes, tasks
and activities, contact persons, HTML pages, and more.

With ***Contact you can:
* Manage your Internet contacts and links
* Manage Web related projects and assignments
* Organize information retrieved from the Net
* Organize your e-mail messages
* Search and locate each person, company, Web site, E-mail message,
document and activity that is stored in the database.

You can see and download a free copy of ***Contact at:***contact.

To get an idea of the capabilities of the program look at:***contact/TipsAndTricks.htm


Meir Liraz
Liraz Technologies Co.