The Real Boxing day please stand forward.:Literature by Chee

The Real Boxing day please stand forward.:Literature by Chee

Post by i cheehuahu » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00


> Boxing Day, observed on the first day after Christmas, is celebrated
> in the United Kingdom, Canada, and several other countries. It was
> formerly a day when boxes of gifts and food were given to the needy
> and to tradespeople, as a gratuity.

> Mel

What did you steal this from the back of a greeting card?  Thief!
Anyways she is sort of right... WHat Boxing day means to us is different
than that....atleast now anyways.  What us Canadians mean by boxing day
is just another excuse for a sale.  Yeah the same establishment that
beats and keeps down up and comming boxers such as Ryan WIssow...that
same establisment came up with a way to get people to spend and shop
after Christmas.  Can you imagine a day at the mall worse than the night
before  Christmas?   I can it's called boxing day.  You see boxing day
is the day when all the stores drastically slash prices by whopping sums
to ....A) make you feel like an idiot for buying that Sony Mini disc
Player for the car a week ago for $500, when they are selling for $250
    b) To clear the stock that didn't go at christmas.
 C) last but not make you go further in debt.

 To make a long story short, BOXING DAY is the best sale of the will never see boxing day prices until next boxing day.  My
advice to Americans....COME DOWN ON BOXING DAY.....and make sure you
bring a shiny nickel.  Prices are slashed like 70%!

i cheehuahua