AMATEUR NEWS Links: Just a lot more links today to enjoy

AMATEUR NEWS Links: Just a lot more links today to enjoy

Post by i cheehuahu » Sat, 20 Apr 2002 18:48:35

AMATEUR NEWS: The Charles Jay File: Can't We Leave Amateur Boxing to the Amateurs? ( Feature)

AMATEUR NEWS: I'll Be King Of The Ring Fight Ace Mcneil Inspired By Dalglish...

AMATEUR NEWS: Armando Muniz, a member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame who teaches Spanish and coaches wrestling at
Rubidoux, is presenting another outstanding amateur boxing event.

AMATEUR NEWS: Cracknell braves Audely Harrison's world...(speak a lot on Olympic stuff)

AMATEUR NEWS: Golden Gloves answers bell

AMATEUR NEWS: Golden Gloves contenders see if they can take it : Nestled near a MARTA station is the Doraville
Boxing Club, where boxers, young and old, male and female, from Mexico to Ghana, are dreaming.

AMATEUR NEWS: Duddy is angry at the way he has been treated by the Ulster Council and has subsequently decided to
compete in the European championships, leaving the way clear for Star ABC's Gerard McAuley to box for Northern
Ireland in the Commonwealth Games.