Post by Dscribe » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I agree, Frank.

If Evander's heart had given out Reggie Lewis-style, they should have
prosecuted everyone from Marc Ratner (who spent more time worrying about
the size of Riddick Bowe's gloves than he did worrying about EH's medical
condition) on down to Holyfield's trainers.

It is perfectly symptomatic of what is wrong with the sport that it
ignores a heart problem in order to stage a big money fight and risk's a
warrior's life in the process.

Sure, a fighter should have the right to accept risk.  But at a certain
point, the risk becomes unacceptable.  A diagnosed heart condition is one
such instance.  Fighters are prideful, and the very last people to see the
erosion of their physical health.  That's why boxing commissions exist; to
make the hard calls about who is or isn't physically sound.

IMHO, boxing really blew it by letting this fight go on.  How much do you
want to bet that promoters in search of quick bucks will keep trying to
get EH into the ring until he drops.

Dave G.