good card with a bad end (DLH-Rivera spoiler)

good card with a bad end (DLH-Rivera spoiler)

Post by Riaz Jum » Mon, 08 Dec 1997 04:00:00

The two middle fights were wonderful, and both exemplified (OK, maybe
not that extreme) "anything can happen".
The first fight was a time killer, being Butterbean, against some guy,
Butterbean wona  decision.
The second fight was Raul Marquez vs Yory Boy Campas.
this was my first look at Campas, and he wasn't in there to box, or show
off his technique. In the first while, Marquez boxed, and was winning,
but he soon tried to go toe to toe with Campas, and this was exactly
what Yory Boy Campas wanted. in the end, we saw a new champion, with a
The Next fight was similar..
Terry Norris Was dismantling Mullings, but I am not so sure that it was
as much a mistake from Norris, as it was a surgeance from Mullings, as
in the 7 round, Mullings absolutely crushed Norris with a shot, flush in
the side of the head, and Norris went down.. That was when my heart
stopped. I knew that a win (which was expected)  from Norris, would set
up a fight with Oscar De La Hoya. But I have primarily wanted to see De
La Hoya fight Trinidad, or Quartey. Either way, Mullings was relentless,
and in round 8, finished a Helpless Norris off, with an unstoppable

Then came the main event,(the bad ending)... I figured, De La Hoya could
not catch up to Whittaker, but Rivera did, and even knocked him down.  I
figured that Rivera would be smart enough, not to do WHAT HE DID!! Which
was stand in front of De La Hoya, trying to fight southpaw, using a
wimpy left jab (or tap) throughout the fight. I tried my very best to
communicate to Wilfredo, and tell him, not to stand in front of
ve from side to side, move his head, make DLH miss... But me being in
front of my TV in Toronto< Canada didn't help things out. De La Hoya
pummeled Rivera throughout the fight, flooring him in round 2, and
getting the stoppage in round 9 (I think). The decision to make the stop
could be argued either way, but by no means was it a bad decision. I am
not sure what good could have been done letting the fight continue,
Rivera had not done enough to DLH during the fight in order for fatigue
toset in (for DLH) in the later rounds, and therefore, Oscar would be
smacking Rivera all over the place in late rounds.

now to what I think.

I badly want to see De La Hoya get pummeled. There are 2 people who I
think can do it...Felix Trinidad , who was onhand for the fight, and Ike
Quartey, who was topic of conversation. Ike Quartey has called it quits,
but has left an opening, that being a big money fight, luring him back
into the ring. Now with Norris out of the picute, this would be the
perfect time for DLH to fight someone he otherwise would never consider,
if he can delay enough, and make this Quarteys comeback fight, possibly,
oscar (being the chicken he is) can fight a rusty Quartey. But if
Quartey will comeback at his own will, have a few fights, (unless a
fight with DLH is scheduled soon) and then see if Oscar has the guts to
fight..we could see Oscar become Damaged goods. Felix Trinidad is a one
man wrecking crew. He beat up on Camacho like it was no big deal, when
De La Hoya's camp is hyping it like fight of the century...He Destroyed
the # 1 contender in Troy watters, and De La Hoya just fought a # 4
contender ( who is also considered to be is strongest opponent yet).
While  Felix and Ike, were out theremowing the opposition down in order
for their big payday, ODLH is riding his pretty boy image to big paydays
against less then his caliber opponents. I also think that Kostya Tszyu
could give DLH fits, with his extremely aggressive , in your face style,
this would be too aggressive to play into DLH's hands, like he figures
it would. Oba Carr and Lopez are also very capable opponents, but I
would be surprised if DLH fights anyone anywhere near their caliber. All
we can do now is wait, and see if DLH will fight a real contender, or
another hand picked pretender.

My two cents..

Riaz Juma