Naz is no AZZHOLE, he's a legend to be!

Naz is no AZZHOLE, he's a legend to be!

Post by Din » Thu, 13 Feb 1997 04:00:00


>I was one of those who said Johnson would be a very good test for Hamed,
>and doubted Hamed would pass. But I personaly don't think Johnson fought
>a very good fight (in fact, a pretty stupid one). Nor do I think Hamed
>showed me any of the fistic genius most of the Nazarites claim him to
>have. He still leaves himself *wide* open, still gets hit too much, and
>still telegraphs his punches. You would think if there was one featherweight out there who was able to

expose the Prince's "flaws", it would be "Boom Boom" Johnson. But he got
the ***kicked out of him! Naz didn't even hit him flush (THE uppercut
apart) and still his legs were wobbling like jelly. Remember Johnson had
never been stopped in 40 odd fights and he's faced the best
featherweights out there. He's been a great champ but ask yourself had he
ever been taken apart like that before? The answer's 'no' and this goes
to show how brilliant Naz is and at only 22 there's more to come.
A natural step to proving his greatness would have been a superfight with
Marco Antonio Barrera, which was scheduled for this May. I think Naz only
has himself to blame for losing out on that fight; if he kept away from
the Ice Palace, Barrera would have concentrated on Junior and would still
have been undefeated IMO. A Hamed-Jones fight would be exciting, but a
win over Jones wouldn't enhance his credibility that much.