Anakin Skywalker = Panchito Bojado?

Anakin Skywalker = Panchito Bojado?

Post by Obi-Wan Jabro » Tue, 21 May 2002 03:19:44

Think about it.

It's 2001 and Steve Kim and Gary Shaw are both giving Bojado felatio
in the media and hyping him as the greatest this and that.

Episode I, Qui-Gon is telling the Jedi council how Anakin is the
Chosen One and he will bring balance to the force and he will be
greater than Yoda and this and that etc.

Comes 2002 and Bojado's ego is running rampant, he stops training hard
and starts believing his own press clipings and then he fights and
experienced fighter like Juan Carlos Rubio and BAM he is exposed.

And the hype is all around us with "Mad" Max Kellerman going:

"Paul Gonzalez is Da greatest, Eddie Hopson is Da greatest, Zab Judah
is Da greatest, Francisco Bojado is Da greatest, Anakin Skywalker is
Da greatest"

Now, in the beggining of Episode II we see that Anakin is a real***y
rat bastard punk and we see him do some neat force tricks so it was
like watching Mia St John in the gym and in that controlled setting
she looks like Shane Mosley so you are impressed and can't wait to see
him step up in opposition.

So since Anakin is so confident we and his handler Padme Amidala
assume that he indeed is "the shit" and not another one in a long line
of over-hyped fighters, sure he rolls over a few tomato cans during
the early portions of the movie but as soon as Gary Shaw........ er I
mean George Lucas puts him in there with an experienced, rugged older
fighter like Christopher Lee we see him easily melt down the prospect
and takes him into the deep waters and drowns him and even cuts his
damn arm off.

Like Ryan Wissow said: "Kellerman is a sucker for the hype".

Anakin Skywalker ain't nothing but an over-hyped, Jedi academy media
product he needs an edge with the judges so I suggest he turns to the
dark side and sign with Don King........ er, I meant he should sign
with the evil Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.

Darth Maul is P4P the strongest Jedi/Sith IMO at the very least he was
the coolest and I am superficial that's why I dug Donnie Lalonde, that
cool NHL styled blond hair was so cool.

Tom Bishop