Pocket tightness question.

Pocket tightness question.

Post by Tom Kalafut 4023 » Tue, 15 Aug 1995 04:00:00

[posting this on request -Jari Kokko.]

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Can someone please help me with a pocket tightness question?  You see I
got whipped by a friend of mine this weekend, but I'm a hack so I don't
mind.  Being a hack, I rely on some leniancy from the pockets especially
from along-the-rail shots.  These new tables had no such leniancy.  I
think I remember once seeing (in a movie I think, but it made sense) that
2 balls should be able to fit side-by-side into each and every pocket,
which I could not do at this new place.  

Could someone please shed some light on this subject for me?  Do I have a
case (ie- a cowardly excuse for getting whipped), or am I just another
victim of Hollywood who needs to learn how to shoot more accurately?

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