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Did you know what happened this week back in 1850  ?
California became a state.
The State had no electricity.
The State had no money.
Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
There were gun fights in the streets.

So basically, it was just like California today
except the women had real ***s.
San Franscico is over ran by fags, ferries, fruits, nuts and slopes.



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Fags who attack real men do suck.

Finally I have decided to take the gloves off and let's put this
thing on the table and expose it for what it is.  Real man bashing by a
band of *** ferries.  OK, so that now allows me to do some ***
bashing back, since the ferries started this s***, they have no right
to start screaming as the pussies usually do in their silly savage high
pitched voices, you are abusing us.  I intend to abuse you, I intend
now to keep on abusing you, and I intend to shove my real man house cue
up all your poop chutes where you all make your love.  You ferries
started this, us real men will take it from there.

You real men can now come in and tell it like it is, it's now open
season on ***s here.  If you want them to stop putting up 8 get fl
threads a day and ruining and trashing your board, then go after the
***s who are doing this, run their ferry tail gunning butts back to
their *** bars they came from.  If you do not do this, then you will
have chaos.  You will find, most of us have tolerated you ***s, put
up with you, but in reality, you disgust us.  We view you with the same
revulsion as a handful of maggots.  Your bashing real men, is only
going to get you bashed back.  Now be good little ***s and get the
hell out of here.

This real men bashing by you ***s and *** ferries must end.  All
wars end, peace ensues.  You have made your say, so have I, so now let
it ride and move on.  To continue with this, simply proves my point,
you are a sick stalking maniac.  You have stalked and done this for
over a year, that proves you are a lunatic.  We all know you are a tail
gunner and don't like real men.  Consider returning to your therapy
sessions and try to work this out some how.  Get your vendetta off this
board and out of everyone's face.  This board is to talk pool on, not
bash real men.

Just because the bull***s *** ***s took over women's pool
and 85% of them now rule that sport that does not mean the ***
ferries rule men's pool.  The bull***s take over every woman's
sport, because they are not real women, but men trapped and hiding in a
woman's body.  Most of you fagots who show up in real pool halls get
your *** asses kicked.  You are nothing but some cunt, hiding and
trapped in a mans body.  Start your silly savage acts around real men
and you get tossed in the dumpster behind the pool hall with a house
cue shoved up your poop chute where you have all your lovers in for
fun. That ferry *** bull sh** does not play in our world.  We are
the majority, not you ***s.  You are maybe 1% of our world at best.
So real man bashing is never going to work, so just return to your
world and stay out of ours and you won't have that house cue get

When I see one of your ferries with your bolt in your tongue, ear ring
in your nose like some watusi, ear rings galore, I usually go up to you
and say Hi there in my best Richard Simmons imitation, I here only
***s and sailors wear ear rings, when did your ship dock sailor.  Are
you not a little bit in land from your ship?

I came on here to teach and to enjoy my stay, not to be attacked and
hounded by a band of Looney tune maniac sick *** ferries.  I have no
time for your real men bashing, do not respond to your lies and
slanders any more, they no more warrant any response from me, or any
one else.  Those of us who belong to the NRA, NASCAR and the SFTPOARM,
will now strike back.  Oh sftpoarm, the society for the protection of
all real men, HQ in Washington, D.C.  Those who pile on your attacks
are nothing but your ferry *** pals, exposing them selves as such on
this board.  No more time for crazy ferries, I have better things to do
that waste them on losers like you.  You post lies and slanders, I
answer them with the truth, give the facts, explain them, you come
right back in later with the same lies and attacks.  You do not seek
the truth here; you only push lies, slanders, falsehoods and character
attacks.  You steal peoples names, frame them, you are the proven
fraud, the liar, the criminal at work here.

To continue to answer your criminal slanders and lies has become a
waste of time and trouble.  By now, your creditability is so shot;
nobody believes your lies and few even read them any more.  You now,
are just best ignored.  Do not respond to crazy people, it only
encourages them Do not feed the tail gunners; starve the crazies off by
ignoring them and refusing the sickos of their sick daily flaming and
fighting meal.  Sick people need this conflict and need this anger,
they feed on it like the vampires they are.  It's like the sickos who
can only get off by half beating each other to death with whips, they
call that making love.  I call them real sick F**kers.  As we all know,
these boards are filled with sick f**KERS, hiding under their rocks
like the yellow bellied cowards they are afraid to post in their own

Hasta La Vista, El Fagalitos Mucho Largo***o Suckorios, Muy Loco in
La Cabezas.   He, who laughs last, laughs best.  Tee Hee Hee....



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Meet the board poster Mr Ingrate:
David L. Syrja
548 Dallas Road, Suite 405
Victoria, BC V8V 1B3
(250) 382-0223

I am the one trashing your American board, I am a foreign Jew fag, who
hates your ass and your Jesus, *** you ass holes, there is nothing you
can do to stop me.