Snooker rules rewrite update

Snooker rules rewrite update

Post by Jari Kok » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 08:19:29

The snooker rule rewrite I wrote about a few weeks ago is now
ready. John Street, a professional referee, reported on it in
his November column in the Pot Black Magazine.

No date has been set as to when the new rules will replace the
current rules and no very big changes have been made. All of the
rules have been rewritten and text has been added with examples
to help clarify the rules.

These changes have been made:

-shooting when a ball is not correctly spotted is no foul, but
the player must give the referee time to spot any ball

-angled ball rule removed from the rules

-foul and a miss rule added: if a ball on is visible full ball
a ball on must be hit or else the opponent may require the
striker to shoot again all balls having been replaced

-old miss rule is still used, but has been reworded (used to be:
if in the referee's opinion the striker has not endeavoured to
the best of his ability to hit a ball on...)

-rest head falling off and disturbing a ball is not a foul if
the equipment is not the player's own

-touching a ball marker on the table is a foul (as if the player
had touched the ball whose position has been marked)

[i might have missed something]

I trust Mr. Street to report when dates have been set and with
information on how to acquire the new rules.