Sometimes you feel like a nut,,,,

Sometimes you feel like a nut,,,,

Post by Luck » Thu, 29 May 1997 04:00:00

I was watching some guys play the other day, and one played the other
safe.  The other kicked at a, to pocket the 8 in corner X and missed.  I
kinda grinned and he says "think you coulda done better?"

\_____________/  \_______________/
x                               b

                       4  C            

 ______________   ___a____________
/              \ /                \

I was feeling full from all the oats I ate recently so I says "yah, left
handed with my eyes closed."  OF COURSE THIS WAS A ONE IN TEN THOUSAND
SHOT (disclaimer).  I got down like I claimed, aimed at b for a three

eyes just in time to see the 8 drop.  I'd pay a hun'erd dollars for a
picture of that guys face, it'd be worth every penny.

"F*(&&*^ Lucky Bastard couldn't do it again for fifty bucks"  Well Lucky
knows he can't and didn't take it, but like those fifty foot putts,
This was one shot that'll keep me coming back.