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Thank you for your inquiries!  The details of this year's tournament are
still coming together, but I have lots of stuff already settled.  I'll
keep you a*** of any new stuff as it comes available.


Dates: Thursday October 23 thru Sunday October 26, 1997
Entry Fee: $150 per player (Checks payable to U.S. Open One Pocket)
Format: Double Elimination, Lag for Break, Races to 4, Final one race to
Player meeting and entry deadline 11:00am Thursday. Play to start
shortly thereafter.
Equipment: 4 1/2' x 9' Gandy BIG "G" tables with new Simonis 860 Cloth.
(the pockets are full sized right now, and if we can, we will try to
make them all 4 1/2" by the tournament)  Rashig Balls with Red Circle
Cue balls.  
Rules:  We will be playing the BCA rules for one pocket as described in
the rule book with a few "special" one pocket rule exceptions common to
tournaments such as being able to shoot through a push shot, and full
ball across the headstring etc.


We are trying to get another section of bleachers for this year which
will bring the total to 3 sections.  For those of you who have been to
the tournaments in the past, you know that there isn't any "VIP"
seating, but there also aren't any "bad" seats either.  Spectator passes
are $10 per day, or $35 for a four day pass.  Spectator passes are NOT
AVAILABLE YET! The tournament is still over four months away.  If / when
we get passes ready early, I'll let you know.  


The major difficulty in scheduling this tournament over the years has
been the availability of hotel space in Kalamazoo.  It's not that there
aren't enough hotels, but rather there's so much going on around here!

We have 125 rooms reserved for YOU at the three hotels within less than
1/2 mile from our room.

Budgetel Inn 2203 S. 11th St  Kalamazoo, MI 49009 1-800-428-3438 /
        $50.95 - $54.95

Red Roof West 5425 W. Michigan Ave Kalamazoo, MI 49009 1-800-874-9000
        Group ID # B025000441 $42.99 - 55.99

Holiday Inn West 2747 S. 11th St  Kalamazoo, MI 49009 1-616-375-6000
        $69  (probably the best value if you're looking for  any
amenities.  They have a pool, bar, restaurant, and all that nice hotel

***** To receive special tournament rates you MUST mention The Fourth
Annual U.S. Open One Pocket Tournament, and you also must make
individual reservations at least THREE WEEKS in advance.  If you don't
make reservations, I can personnally guarantee that you won't be staying
anywhere close, if you can get a room at all.  As the date gets closer,
and especially if these rooms are all taken, you can call the Kalamazoo
Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-530-9192.  These people have
gone to great lengths to help with this years tournament, and they are a
wealth of information about the area.

***** Directions to our room (and the beautiful city of Kalamazoo)...

Take I-94 either east or west to U.S. 131 Northbound.  The next two
exits are 36A (East in to Downtown) and 36B (West toward Oshtemo
Township).  Use exit 36B.  As you exit, you will see the Hotels listed
above.  The road you take at the exit is Stadium Drive, and we are on
the north side the road about 1/2 mile west of the highway.  

For some of the other Kalamazoo Hotels, you may want to go to the
Sprinkle Road exit #80 over by the airport.  For the downtown Radisson
Plaza (expensive but nice) use exit 36 A, and follow Stadium Drive all
the way into downtown.

City maps, additional hotel information, and local tourist kinda stuff
will be available on sight, and possibly some in the program.

If I forgot anything, e me back right away, and I'll do my best.  Feel
free to call or write anytime.

Matt Rosendaul

Billiards Playground / U.S. Open One Pocket Tournament
6040 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49009