Equal Offense Update

Equal Offense Update

Post by John Walk » Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Things worked out much better today.  I tried breaking with less
force (as another poster suggested) and I found a wealth of
opportunities after each break.  My first score was a 64, but mainly
because I blew the opening shot in one of my rounds. My second
score was 77, and I was starting to feel pretty good.  And then ...

"Ahhhhh, an opening round of 12.  This is great!  At this pace, I
should set an all-time personal high."

"Oh no, some lady is heading towards the juke-box!  She's middle-aged!

--- Oh bla di, oh bla da, life goes on... ---

I chump the first shot on the opening round.  In the second round I scratch
after the second shot.  

In the third round Billy Joel comes on, so I break my stick.  Adios.