Miss rule - II

Miss rule - II

Post by avin.. » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I think the first 'foul and miss' posting led to a lot of argument which
was good fun, and so I am posting another one!

I have seen a miss awarded for the following:
        1.  Only the colored balls are left.  Yellow is against the bottom
        cushion, green is over a centre pocket, and all the others are on their
        spots.  Cue ball is near the black spot.  Striker rolls the ball
        to touch the yellow, but the ball stops just short of the yellow, and
        the referee calls it a miss.

        2.  The reds are scattered; cue ball is in the D, and only one red
        is on (that is near the pink).  There is no safety shot on at all from
        that red,  and it is not pottable(!) either.  Striker attempts a three
        cushion contact with a ball lying against the top cushion, and fails.
        Referee calls it a foul and a miss and says:  if a red is on, and the
        striker attempts a saftey from a ball which is not  visible, then it
        MUST be called a foul and a miss.

Now these are amateur matches, but the players involved are all capable of
hitting a 60 or 70 (a 30 - 35:  p=.99!!), and  the attempt to play safe at
that point is not to the other guy miserable, but is essential.  Comments!