Cloth Question

Cloth Question

Post by Ken Bou » Sun, 09 Feb 1997 04:00:00

A couple of years ago, I bought a Peter Vitalie table (Pro 8 size) and
had it covered with Stevens 22 oz. felt/cloth (?).  I didn't know much
about the equipment/game at that time, so I accepted the recommendations
of the dealer.  The table is terrific!

In reading the recent posts concerning cloth and felt, I haven't seen
any references to Stevens.  Can anyone enlighten me on that

I have noticed that, compared to other tables on which I have played, it
is tougher to get action on the cueball.  A similar (I hestitate to say
"identical") draw shot executed on my table seems to result in
considerably less cue ball movement than on other tables.  It takes
incredible skill to draw the ball even one length of the table.  Follow
shots hit full have to be struckVERY hard to get the ball around a
couple of rails.  (Maybe the Predator shaft will help . . .)

Sterling, VA