PoolStats a new Pool Statistics program

PoolStats a new Pool Statistics program

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The best computer stat  program
ever developed for the game of pool.

To:                     All Pool Players

Regarding:              The new statistics program - ?PoolStats 1991-1996

From:                   Mark Porter - Developer

Dear Pool Players,
        Over the past 5 years I have been working on a new computer program for the recording of pool  statistics.  It is exceptionally easy to use  and yet provides a remarkably detailed analysis of every game of the match.  It incorporates a totally new concept in how these type of stats are reported.  ?PoolStats  is a vast improvement over the current stat program/s.
        The stats are generated by simply placing one number (1-5) in the appropriate box, it really is that easy.  The secret of its simplicity is the way in which the game stat worksheet is laid out and linked.
        It has been given excellent reviews by every pool player that has seen it over the last five years.  We hope it will soon be the new standard for keeping pool stats in the USA and eventually the rest of the world.

The Program

?PoolStats currently has over 170+ different stat fields available for each game.  A good example of some of the stats comes from a 19 game match between Johnny Archer & Efren Reyes, won by Reyes 11 to 8.
(Of the televised games)
1.  Archer broke 8 times, and made at least 1 ball on the break six times a 75% successful break average and of those six, ran out 5 times, or 83% of the time.  That is an awesome percentage.
2.  Reyes broke 10 times and made at least 1 ball on the break 8 times, 80%, of those 8 he ran out 4 times' 50% of the time.
3.  Archer tried to pocket a ball 58 times during the match and made 56, that calculates to -- 97%
4.  Reyes tried to pocket a ball 81 times during the match and made 80, that calculates to -- 99% (His only miss was the 9 ball duckshot in the corner pocket)
5.  Both men shot 8 safeties - (This was not included in the attempts to pocket a ball stats because they were not trying to make a ball*)
6.  Reyes took 4 shots trying not to foul and Archer took 3. (also, not included in the attempts to pocket a ball*)
7.  They both had 5 nine ball runs and 1 eight ball run.
        This is a small sample of the kind of stats the program generates.
        Note: -*One of the major differences between ?Poolstats and the current program/s is ?Poolstats does not include errors (safety, kicking or Position) in its shooting accuracy percentage (currently called TPA - Total Performance Average).  Those type of errors can be very subjective, and some may even be at times, intentional.  It would be completely unfair to penalize a player by reducing his/her shooting accuracy percentage and thereby the true quality of the game being played by including those errors.
        One other important addition is the Ratings section.  All knowledgable pool players know one of the most important keys to any great players game is the ability to get great POSITION. ?Poolstats places major emphasis on that aspect of the game.  
        Two main sections in ?Poolstats are:
        Position difficulty & Position Result.  
This will be defined in detail in my next communication.
        The format is currently presented in table/spreadsheet form with the most critical stats presented in a easy to read and logical manner called the Key Stat Section.
        Once you see just how the program works, Im sure you too will be impressed with its clarity, accuracy and ability to bring out the pertinent  stats that show the everyday pool players of today and those in the future, what makes a great pool player Great.  We need to see the numbers that separate the best from the rest, just like all of the other pro sports of today.
        In the next few weeks I will be sending you a file containing the resulting stats of a Pro match, using ?PoolStats.  Along with the documentation.
        If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


Mark Porter

?PoolStats 1991-1996 by Mark Porter is a copyrighted program.


PoolStats a new Pool Statistics program

Post by Bob Jewe » Sat, 18 May 1996 04:00:00

: Regarding:            The new statistics program - ?PoolStats 1991-1996

This sounds a lot like the Accustats evaluation method.  What are the
major differences?

Bob Jewett

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