3-C World Cup results from Barendrecht on-line

3-C World Cup results from Barendrecht on-line

Post by Bob Jewe » Tue, 27 Jan 2004 06:09:49

The 3-cushion results from Barendrecht (The Netherlands) are now
available on-line at


Briefly, Blomdahl beat Jaspers in the finals with averages of 2.428
and 2.400 respectively, and they both finished the tournament with
averages over 2.000. Sayginer 3rd, Caudron 4th.

The hard luck story of the tournament seems to have been John Tyssens,
who lost 3-2 with an average of 2.000 in the first round to Daniel
Sanchez.  Sanchez in turn had the high grand average for the
tournament (2.142) but only got 9th.

Raymond and Peter Ceulemans finished 13th and 14th with almost
identical averages.

Dick Jaspers had the best (15-point) set in the tournament --  2
innings against Stefan Galla.

Bob Jewett