Eric James Niemi

Eric James Niemi

Post by krak » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 06:43:14


> > Yes that is true. He isn't. I saw him at one of the limited shows and
> > I actually asked him a question. It was him. The same guy who had the
> > great scene in the film and who wrote it.

> > But if someone is pretending to be a candy cane (cute around the
> > holidays) or "Candance Kane"  (for the film's sake) I think you are
> > making a poor PR choice. The film is great as it stands just show it
> > around some more.

> > It won't be in limited showings forever. Chill dude. Let the film
> > speak for itself.

> Joseph:

> You are one of three things: Eric himself, one of his friends(does he
> have any?) or just some poor pathetic film fan who is touting an
> amateur film done by a CONVICTED criminal.

> What town was the film shown in?  Name the theatre.  Surely those
> facts are safe to post and, more important, verifiable.  If you don't,
> I'll bet large sums that you are Eric.

Filmmakers are so uptight....