The land of fruits, nuts and slopes

The land of fruits, nuts and slopes

Post by anthonygambino.. » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 03:49:24

The land of fruits, nuts and slopes

You live in California and make $250K a year and still can't afford to
buy a house

If you no Hable there, you are in a foreign land.

The fastest part of your commute is going down your own driveway.

You carry two cell phones, one in your ear, one in your pocket, and
Ipod in your other ear.

You get stoned for kicks every night and a nice BJ in your hot tub

Everyone has a cause and is in some activist group

The high school quarterback calls a time out to answer his cell phone

You know how to eat an arti***

You drive to your neighborhood block party, you want to show off your
new $100K car your in hock up to your ass on which you can't afford.

Every loser thinks and acts like they are a star.

Fags to the left of you, fags to the right, here I am, stuck in the
middle with you.  Somebody show he where the aeropuerto is so I can get

the hell out of this twil light zone.

Tony Da Cucumber   I only go out dare from NYC when somebody needs a
attitude adjustment, usually a permanant one is ordered.