Cloth Repair question

Cloth Repair question

Post by Bob Jewet » Sun, 18 Mar 2001 00:04:48


> I have a small table top  tear (approximately 1/8" long X 1/16 "
> wide).  Any suggestions on how I can repair the tear.  I assume that,
> if untreated it will only get worst.

I've seen cloth repaired in three ways.  You can use a needle and
thread, but I think most cloth doesn't have strong enough edges for
this.  You can squeeze some white glue through the hole and then press
the edges down.  If there is a hole, it's possible to fill it with lint
from the cloth (if it is cheap cloth) and more glue.  You can get some
tape or a sticker and work it under the cloth, get it flat on the slate
and then press the cloth down on it.

I wouldn't worry about a tear the size you describe -- a grain of rice.


Bob Jewett