Tips, Tips, and more Tips

Tips, Tips, and more Tips

Post by Joss » Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hey Group,

 Just wanted to know if anyone has used a few different types of tips and how
they feel about them, and where I might be able to pick up a few of these
different tips.

Tiger Laminated Tip
Dynamite Multi Layered Tip

The above two are I do believe made by Tiger Products, but could be mistaken.

Regal Tip
Black Diamond
Shooter Tip

The three above are made by Adam.

I would like to know how they hold up, time wise. Do they mushroom. The overall
appearance once it is put on the shaft. (ex. are they as pretty as Mooris)
Just the overall performance level. Also where I can get these tips who doesn t
have a problem selling to the General population.

Thanks In Advance
Tom In Colorado


Tips, Tips, and more Tips

Post by Dave Hal » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

tried the tiger hard - first tip played execellent, lasted over 6
mo, replacement tip blew up when installed, laminations came apart,
3rd tip (free) did same thing.
must have been a glue problem.  It blew up during installation, cue
repair man was shaping it with file on lathe, it still blew out