U.S. Open One Pocket

U.S. Open One Pocket

Post by Cuestic » Sat, 21 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Just to remind you who I am...My name is Matt Rosendaul, and I own Billiards
Playground in Kalamazoo, MI, and also the U.S. Open One Pocket Tournament, Inc.

We have set the dates for this year's event...October 23-26.  It will be held in our
 room at 6040 Stadium Drive Kalamazoo, MI 49009.  Entry fee is $150 limited to 64 players,
 and added money is to be announced ( I have several committments already, but more
 are forthcoming.  All sponsors should be confirmed at the BCA show).  If players,
RSB participants, spectators or others would like to be included on the mailing

 or phone 616-372-7611 and ask for Matt Rosendaul.

A special note to players of previous tournaments, we are going to try our best to
get all new rails and 4 1/2" pockets for this year's event.

In the last three tournaments we have had such legendary players as Grady Mathews,
Bill Incardona, Steve Cook, Cornbread Red, Jose Parica, Jayme Goodwin, Cliff Joyner,
 Bugs Rucker, Howard Vickery, Richie Richeson, Danny DeLiberto, Cecil Tugwell, and
 many others.  This tournament is also THE place to come if you want to check out
some of the most prestigious custom cues in the world.  If you look closely you
 might find Joel Hercek (one of our sponsors), Sherm Adamson, Paul Mottey,
 Barry Szamboti, and several dealers with cues from these and other makers.
 This year's event looks to be even bigger and better than the first three.
 Hotel space is limited in Kalamazoo, so make your reservations now.  

May the table forever roll to your hole!

Matt Rosendaul
Billiards Playground / U.S. Open One Pocket