Pool billiards - homepage of a german club

Pool billiards - homepage of a german club

Post by Markus Glaes » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Are you playing pool billiards? Do you think you have seen all
interesting pool sites?

May be you want to virtually visit our pool billiards club and drop us
a short note or a complete feedback. The pages are designed for german
readers but I tried to translate the useful information in respect for
the majority of international web users.

Feedback - positive and negative - is welcome though recommended as
helpful information...

Regards, Markus
cand.geogr. Markus Glaeser
University of Trier, Germany

bilingual (german/english) homepages at:
www.geographie.uni-trier.de:8080/~glaeser (private)
www.tia.de/bigtrier/index.html (german pool billiards club)