Purposely Scratching II

Purposely Scratching II

Post by Bob Jewe » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: Has there been any discussion about instituting a 'miss' rule into pool
: games, which would be similar to that in snooker?

Pool and snooker come from completely different traditions.  You may
want to study straight pool (14.1) in which a player who fails to take
an intentional foul at the appropriate time is considered a raw
beginner.  My opinion is that any rule that requires the referee to
judge intent is a bad one.

: If a player
: plays a well placed snooker, the opponent should be forced to make
: his/her best effort to hit the ball on.

I remember a situation in nine ball in which the ball on was on a rail
and trapped between two other object balls.  One player had just taken
a second foul, leaving the position:

  ___________  ____________
 |                 6       |
 |    8                    |
 |               7         |
 |                         |
 |       9         5       |
  ___________  ____________

The balls were sitting so any legal shot on the two would probably leave
a way to make something.  The correct shot is to put the cue ball just
below the 8 and shoot the 8 slowly up against the two ball.  There is
a way to hit the two from that situation, but it is improbable.

Bob Jewett