Product Reviews (All somehow RSB influenced)

Product Reviews (All somehow RSB influenced)

Post by Rodd » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 07:25:08

So I just recently received a break/jump cue I ordered from RSB's own
Sheldon Lebow; delivery was within the specified time he gave me (said it
would take 3-6 months and took just about 3) and the actual product is
oustanding; it looks a lot better then I had envisioned.  I won't disclose
the price as a favor to Sheldon, but I'll say that his price was a lot
better than the Gilbert j/b cue I originally wanted to get.  Oil finished,
BE maple forearm with 4 very sharp, very even ebony points and an ebony ***
sleeve; 5/16x14 joint pin and uni-loc quick release break/jump joint.  Two
shafts: a playing shaft with a sniper tip and a break/jump shaft with a
bunjee tip; the break shaft has a very nice, stiff taper with a lot of
backbone.  I decided on the sniper and bunjee tips after reading the
positive reviews about them on RSB.

The Sniper tip is excellent; it grips really well (about the same or maybe a
tad bit better than the Moori S I'm using on my other cue) and holds chalk
just fine.  After about 3 hours of breaking and playing with it, it still
hasn't mushroomed one bit.  The only thing that would deter me from using
these in the future is the price; I can find Moori tips cheaper than what I
can find Sniper tips for, but performance wise, these are at least as good
as Moori's.

The Bunjee tip is something else.  It's extremely loud; when I break with
it, people turn around to see what the noise was.  After I had chalked the
tip well enough, I was very impressed with the power I was getting in my
breaks; I would venture to say they were considerably better than my breaks
with the house cue, but that might just be wishful thinking.  As for
jumping, I had never jumped a ball in my life.  The first time I tried to
jump, I didn't get any lift and hit the ball I was trying to jump over and
drew back 3 feet.  The next time, I grazed the top of the ball and the cue
ball flew off the table.  After about 5 minutes of practicing, I think I
contacted the object ball just about every time.  I'm sure if I spent an
hour one day practicing just jumping, I would be able to become fairly
accurate with it.

So in closing, Sheldon Lebow: thumbs up; Sniper tip: thumbs up; Bunjee tip:
thumbs up.  Only thing I have to do now is learn to play pool.

BTW, Sheldon told me to use linseed oil every so often on my cue (he said 3
months depending on usage); I was just wondering how I would know when to
use it (are there any signs I should look for) and what would happen if I
didn't use it enough.  Thanks.