instructional video and cues for trade or sale

instructional video and cues for trade or sale

Post by w e » Fri, 22 Dec 2000 04:29:37

dear all

it's time for s pre-housecleaning i have found whole bunch of things the i have not used for a while, while they might be of help to others

i am interested in trading or selling the following instructional videotapes (all are in mint condition)

robert byrne
standard video of pool and billiards seris vol 1 to 5

grady mathews

Advanced Principles of Pool & Billiards
Finer Points of Banking and Safety Play
Finer Points of One Pocket
Finer Points of Pool
Secrets of Money Pool

bert kinister

lesson 5 building the six pointed star
lesson 6 using the 6 pointed star
lesson 7 building the interior of the star
lesson 19 the deflection tape

info about the tapes can be found on

here is a pic of some of the videos:

also some cues that i am not using

a schon blackwidow sneaky pete with a 12.5 mm instroke tip, pro taper, 19 oz, ebony points into birdseye maple, like new condition

an older mcdermott ef-2 20oz, wood to wood, good for breaking (shooting too)

a eliminator sneaky pete

a southwest.... just kidding

think of a reasonable offer, minus 10% and then make that offer to me, i want to get them out



?should i go ebay


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instructional video and cues for trade or sale

Post by Bert » Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:43:39


>a southwest.... just kidding

Damn.....Hey Jimbo, its only 5 days to Xmas  know what I mean?

Bert M  <--   C=:-)