BUSA Snooker C'ships Update

BUSA Snooker C'ships Update

Post by P.S.MCWILLIA » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

 Update on BUSA Snooker C'ships

 The 1996 BUSA (British Universities) Snooker Championships will be hosted
 by the University of Hull, from 1-3 March (Fri. - Sun.) 1996. These will
 comprise the Senior and Junior Team C'ships, and the Senior and Junior
 Individual C'ships.

 Each college affiliated to BUSA is welcome to enter one team, of 5 players,
 in each event. Entries, on an official entry form, are also sought for the
 Individual C'ships.

 Entry fees are 30 per team, 2.50 per individual c'ship entry.

 The Individual C'ships start on Friday 1st, with the Team events waiting
 until Saturday 2nd.

 Note that it is not compulsory to enter the Junior Team C'ship or either
 of the Individual C'ships, though entries are welcome for all.

 If you are interested in entering a team or teams from your institution,
 please contact your Athletic Union or Sports Office to obtain the entry
 form distributed by BUSA.

 Should you be unable to procure info. from these sources, and assuming
 you are likely to find enough players for a team, please email Patrick

 specify whether you have access to Word for Windows or whether the details
 should be sent in ASCII text format.

 NB The closing date for entry is 23rd February, unless in exceptional