New Game - What do you think?

New Game - What do you think?

Post by Denni » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Sorry if this is a duplicated for some of the newsservers, but I posted this
the first week in December, but it never showed up on my newsserver.

I own a small billiard parlor in Greenville SC and I thought up a game that
has proved pretty interesting to play.  I read RSB several times a month and
post once or twice a year and thought I would share it with everyone.  Try
it and tell me what you think.  I have never heard of a game similar to
this.  Has anyone ever played a game similar to this?  If so what was it
called?  If not, does anyone have a suggested name for it.

The game is similar to playing 8-Ball, but turns into a game that is similar
to one pocket.  It's pretty easy to start and gets more difficult on the
last two shots.  The game is played with 13 balls, just like 8 ball but with
6 solids and 6 stripes (one for each pocket).

You rack the balls as follows:

  O 8 X

X=low ball
O=high ball

Alternating solids and stripes around the inner circle of balls (around the
8 ball), 1 ball up front, alternating solids and stripes around the outer
circle of balls.

(looks like 6 pointed star when finished)

You play with standard 8 balls rules.  Each player gets 6 balls to pocket,
either high or low balls just like 8 ball.  Only one of your object balls
can be made in each pocket.  The 8 ball must be made in the pocket where
your last object ball was made.  Anytime (including on the break) an object
ball falls into a pocket that is already occupied by one of the same type
(high or low) of balls, it is immediately spotted before the next shot is

The table is always open after the break, regardless of how many balls fall.
Choice of balls is not determined until a called shot is made.  Player must
contact object ball and push a ball or cue ball to the rail or pocket a ball
into a pocket that does not contain for a legal shot.  If, after a legal
shot is made, a second ball (either your's or your opponent's) is
accidentally pocketed in a pocket alreading containing that type of ball, it
is spotted before the same player shoots their next shot.  Ball in hand
behind the head string on foul or scratch.  Loss of turn if you do not
pocket a ball legally.

We used pills to mark the pockets we had already made a shot in.  Place the
pills next to the pocket where a ball was made, number down for a low ball
being made in the pocket, number side up for a high ball made in the pocket.
This makes it easier to tell at a glance which pockets you have left to
shoot at.  You can keep the pills in your pocket of place them in the center
between the pockets.

As a variance, you can try pocketing the balls in numeric order.  We also
tried pocketing each ball in numeric order starting with a corner pocket and
working clockwise or counter clockwise until all balls were pocketed, but
this proved too time consuming for the average player.

Let me know how it workes for you.