RSB Useful Information

RSB Useful Information

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Pool and Billiards FAQ
"Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player"
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cue Ball Squirt"
Thank you, Bob Jewett and Ron Shepard

RSB archives from September 6, 1994
(ASP archives from April 1, 1993)

See what this is about here:
The shockwave plug-in is required (link included here).
Thank you, Wei.

RSB shot archive using Wei's table
Thank you, John Goalby.

Game rules
Thank you, WPA, Corey Holmes, USBA, World Snooker, and Rupert Ward.

Poolroom finder, tournament finder, tournament planner, tournament
charts, billiard tours, etc.
Thank you, Ed Mercier.

Usenet FAQ (see netiquette, please)
Thank you, Kent Landfield.

Delete one five three for email.