Fraud liar yappin wolf

Fraud liar yappin wolf

Post by BozoDo » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 14:02:27

Yappin wolf is posting under this name:  

come from NYC metro area and Vancover.

Why is every one so silent.  Does not any one realize that taking a
persons name and posting as it is them, or making fun of them, or
posting lies and slanders is illegal, criminal, imm***and sinful.
This is not cute, this is criminal.  Why do you people put up with
this, why do you not speak up and demand an end to this activity by
the criminal.  These 3 ***s, Eric and Carol, the NYC smucks and
their bald headed leader Dave of Vancover who comes to NYC for
therapy, this guy needs a lot of therapy, totally trashed and shut
down, they destoyed that board, and trashed ccb and az
and forced major revisions in those boards.  They will trash this
board as well, they really do not care.  Your silence simply supports
these evil twisted ***s.

They are not interested in learning how to play, they never post
advice on how to, they use you and boards to simply create cahos,
havoic and turmoil.  They add nothing to a board, they are nothing but
parasites you do not need.  They thrive and exist on anger, fighting
and seeing you flame each other.  They are simply vampires who feed on
your emotions.  Those of you who know right from wrong, lies and
slanders and frauds are wrong, should now speak up and drive these
criminals from your midst.

Allow me to expose them.  You will note this *** has posted in the
last two days about 5 fraud posts using a look alike name which is
nothing but an attack of lies and slanders all un true.  Note one of
you has spoke up and demanded an end to this.  I now ask, what is
wrong with you people.  You want a decent board, you first drive off
the 3 ***s who trash it.  You shut them down and when you spot them
coming back with new names and fresh attacks, you attack them back,
over and over.  Get involved, do not be sitting back waiting for the
other guy to do it for you.  Do not be afraid of these pussies, the
best they can do is try to scratch your eyes out and try and hit you
with their pink purse.  ***s do not last long in my pool room, they
should not be allowed to hunt and trash this board and your lives as
well.  Those of you with a real pair, how about acting like you got a


Ask you self what type of a person comes in, steals a persons name,
Makes fraud posts making them self's the fraud and attacks, slanders
And demeans people with no facts to back up or prove the attacks. They
post and spread lies they know to be lies, just to hurt and injure
others. They frame and set people up in the most evil ways.  They have
done this attack and slander to dozens of people, all who were

The Answer is a very sick *** does this.  This is the famous
yapping Wolf, who has been kicked off every board in the internet,
called on ccb the following: the Hannibal lector of the internet, a
vampire, a sick monster, the evil one. Yap was banned off of playpool,
az, ccb and and cuetalk.  They throw them off,
the ***s sneak back in with new names and try to embed and be nice
for a while.  They have their nice guy alias and the alias they attack

There are Three of these ferries behind all of this ***using a
zillion Alias's, two are in NYC, a peter puffin punk, Eric, a*** who
is in The closet and a wanna be semi pro but can't play with a flip,
Carol And a bald old *** wearing a stupid hat like he is going on
safari called Dave in Vancouver who Comes to NYC a lot to hang with
his fellow tail gunners and get his therapy. He is the head fag and
leader of the cult.

Allow me to:
Introduce to you, the yapping wolfs of the internet, our Larry, Curly
And Moe.  Our Dave, Eric and Carol. The *** gang of 3 peter puffers
and one *** puffer.  2 NYC smucks and a Canuk with no hair and
shriveled up balls.

Just call one of them a *** and they will stalk and pursue you to
The end of time, its this *** *** twisted evil in them that
Comes out.  People, you have a real live genuine sick person on your
Hands here, its name are yappin wolf.  Call it, an it for it is a
amorality, a genetic mistake, it is evil, twisted, ***ed and sick.
It's activities are immoral, sinful and illegal and criminal.  Call
the it by its Real name, the it.  Do not be confused by the many names
the it invents to throw you off of its trail and identity.

These sickos feed on your anger, so when you respond and fight back,
it is like allowing the vampire to feed on you.  They feed on your
distress and negative emotions.  When you ignore them, do not respond,
do not engage or retort back at them, they do not get their evil meal
and they must move on in hunt of new prey.  They are nothing but a
band of roving vampires, you must see them as such.  They are nothing
but criminals who should be locked up behind bars or put in a sicko
ward in the state mental hospital.

Their identities have been Computer traced right up to their front
doors.  Who they are, is now well know and that data is now spreading.
If they continue with these attacks then their full names, addresses,
social security numbers and a map of where they live will be
published. They have already done that evil thing to 4 or 5 other
people they did not like, so it's now time for some payback, two can
play at that game. They will soon find out, they can run, but they
cannot hide and he who laughs last, laughs best.  There is no nobody
on the internet, we cannot trace to their front door, so watch yo
mouth bubba.


Fraud liar yappin wolf

Post by Bluewo » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 20:59:29

But yappinwolf's mommy was mean to it,so cruel. She/he calls itself
mommy wolf on another board. A real mommy wolf would have been nicer.
And then yappinwolf grew up mean, trying to hurt others because it was
hurt sooooooo bad. And it grew up a twisted, dememted soul.A true
psychopath, who feeds on making others angry and hurt, like it is
getting a fine steak dinner. If you do not respond to it, it is so
hungry, and seeks out more food.

If you flame it or call it silly, it will slink away and hide under a
rock. If food is not given here, it will go somewhere else because we
all gotta eat, ya know. haha

Poor little woofie. ROFLLMAO

bw---> know this woofie much better than FL yuck yuck yuck